One of the primary benefits of becoming part of LifeShield Alliance™ is the national insurance coverage you would receive as a member.
We hope you never need air medical transportation. But if you do, you might as well have insurance coverage available, no matter where you live, work, travel or play.  It might as well be national instead of regional.  It might as well be an actual national insurance policy instead of just a regional non-insurance promise.
Another benefit is our coverage area, which includes the entire United States.  Regional membership programs only cover you if you happen to be in their coverage area at the time of need and then only if their company’s helicopter happens to perform the medically necessary transportation.  But what happens if their helicopter is on another flight, or scheduled for maintenance and not available?  They won’t pay.  Or what happens if you are traveling to a nearby city that is outside their limited coverage area, or visiting your family in another state?  They won’t pay.
There’s good news.  When you switch from their coverage to ours, you’re covered by a national insurance policy.  No matter where you happen to be in this great country, we’ve got you covered.  Period.
Wherever you go in this great nation, you’ll feel safer with LifeShield Alliance™…because you deserve unparalleled national insurance coverage. We hope you decide to make the switch to LifeShield Alliance™ so that you, too, can have peace of mind that you are covered no matter where in the country you live, work, travel or play.
For more detailed information about our air ambulance insurance coverage for LifeShield Alliance™ members, please visit our website https://lifeshieldalliance.comhttps://lifeshieldalliance.comhttps://lifeshieldalliance.comshapeimage_3_link_0